MOTW: Spring Blossom using Burberry Beauty

I've seen a lot of movement on Burberry Beauty, one of my favorite brand, and I think for the better! These past two weeks, I visited the local counter to play with many of their new products and I think the textures are better, colors are more edited, and -- not available at Nordstrom counter yet but I heard reviews -- lipsticks has no scent. No scent, I tell you!!

Are all those improvements an excuse to get rid of old stuff and buy new things? Not in this Land. I think it's time to dust-up some old favorites from Burberry Beauty and make the most of them.

  • Base: I'm currently testing NARS All Day Luminous, AmorePacific CC, Dior CC, and a few others. They are all samples from Sephora. The aim is luminous skin, akin to Burberry's ethos, you know the deal; glowy, but not shimmery, flawless but far from perfect. Just your skin but better.
  • Eyes: Burberry Pale Pink shadow is a discontinued shade of satin pink with iridescent pink/purple almost-duochrome. It is hard to capture in picture but it is not at all shimmery or glittery. Just think of a very sophisticated wash of gleam on the lids. I don't think there is a comparable shade in the current Burberry line up. I use this as a base all over. Burberry Rosewood is a cooler taupe with satin finish that is perfect as lid color. I finish with a stroke of Eye Definer pencil Midnight Ash on the top lashes and Eye Definer Pencil in Golden Brown on the bottom lashes to give a little definition. Use whatever mascara you have on hand to achieve a naturally defined lash.
  • Cheeks: Burberry Light Glow blush in Cameo is a dusky rose shade that warms up the skin, which is very nice since bronzer/any contour would be too stark this time of the year, at least on me.
  • Lips: I patted Burberry Lip Glow in English Rose on the lips to brightened up my natural lip color. After all these times, I still cannot stand the scent, so maybe this is one shade worth switching to the Kisses formula.

Lipstick, blush, liners, Rosewood and Pale Pink shadows.

On the rare days when the sun shines in this part of the Land, I try to take swatch pictures. I almost have forgotten how time-intensive taking these pictures can be! Really, it made me appreciate the amount of work that goes on into blogging.

Wishing everyone have a terrific week ahead!


  1. I just do not like wet-dry formulas! I feel like it is just a cop out way of saying that the product is subpar dry and you have to do extra stuff to make it work. Urg! I think all this cold weather made me a grump-a-lump!

    English Rose is a really pretty shade! I love how all these colors are coordinating so wonderfully together. The little bronzed tone of the Golden Brown liner really adds a gorgeous accent, too. Beautiful swatches, too, Claire!

    1. Hi Belly! Yes, I get your point of wet-dry formula, but I'm thinking of wet in terms of more flexibility to apply shadow, maybe foiling, etc. I can see the grump-a-lump going on, goodness!! Still so much snow there. Hopefully it'll all end soon. xoxo