Thankful Wednesday

These past few weeks have been busy ones for us. The weather was really nice and we are reminded once again of things we are always grateful for:

  • Friends
    I had a mini discussion with Sumi from The Worship Blues about friends. More and more, I appreciate people around me who make my life that much better with their daily, seemingly mundane gestures: the waiter and waitress at our neighborhood cafe, who know our order by heart and always make sure there are extra croutons on the Tod's salad, the moms, nannies, caregivers and their children we meet, play and chat with at the park, the lovely teachers with their students at a nearby school who wave at us, thoughtful drivers who honked playfully & stopped by patiently as we crossed the street. They can choose to be grumpy, impatient, ignore our presence and mind their own business, but by the grace of love they don't! And these people may not fit the conventional definition of friends -- they are strangers, really -- but, as I said, they make my life  a little bit  better because of their simple gesture of love. 
  • Nap, the Tod's that is..
    Ah, sweet, sweet nap. I savor every minute of it, it makes me look forward to playing with him more after he wakes up. I know the days are numbered when he will still be home with me, with nothing planned and all the time in the world. I know this time is special. I wouldn't trade it for the world!
  • Flowers and gardens
    There are flowers blooming everywhere, they make me smile and they remind me of my dad and my grandfather who are all garden/plant-lover. Not to mention the abundance of wiggly worms, slimy slugs, fleeting ladybugs, and other garden creatures who are always ready and available to keep the Tod entertained.
  • Silence and solitude
    What can be better than these??
Life is good, indeed. I hope you also enjoy your blessed week so far and please, share your gratitudes with us!

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