Spring Renewal

A few happenings from the Land..

Instinctively, once the sun is out in a more consistent basis, I try to nurse my houseplants back to health. The succulents were in dire need for sunlight, the fern of moisture and the spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum)... well, those are the plants that keep on giving (we are nursing the two new babies on the upper R picture.

I'm also glad that my local Whole Foods now carry yogurt from Saint BenoƮt Creamery. This is perhaps the closest-tasting commercial French-style yogurt available in the U.S. to the ones that I used to enjoy when I was growing up, the ones my uncle made in his home/farm-factory.

They are certainly not cheap, but a pot is a time-travel luxury for me; the cheesy curds and the slight-tangy taste transport me back to my childhood, drinking raw milk that was often milked that very morning, the sound of machine churning the cultured milk, the smell of the farm and, of course, the yogurt that my uncle made. Yogurt to me was never a silky smooth concoction; it was always curdled, sour, slightly cheesy and "raw."

Spring is time for renewal. Taking care of plants and relishing in good family memories refresh and nourish me from the inside out. What feeds you from the inside out?


  1. I have that same succulent on my window sill! These yogurts sound amazing - I totally get you on dairy products tasting a bit sour. I now live close to a number of Polish grocery stores, and was able to pick up a package of Polish twarog, a type of harder white cheese with a crumbly texture, almost like pressed cottage cheese. It definitely has that raw quality to it, and I love it on a slice of crusty bread with some honey or jam spread on top. Yum!

    1. That cheese sounds delicious! Sadly, no good Polish place around Seattle/Bellevue area. Any recs?