Thankful Tuesday

On my way from a dental appointment this morning, I drove by a nearby Little Caesars pizza. In front, there's a moving mascot robot waving the pizza sign. The Tod and I would often guess if the robot is indeed a robot or if there's actually a person inside.

But the Tod wasn't with me when I drove that morning, he was at his preschool. Suddenly, I miss him a lot and thought of the love that I've experienced with him. I thought of the various kinds of love I've experienced in my life: as a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend, a lover, a wife, and a mother. In fact, I realize at that very moment, my whole life is about love: receiving love, finding love, getting love, giving love. Love in people, in things, in plants and pets I cared for, in my job, in the chores that I do, the quest of finding love in all the right and the wrong thing.

They said that God is love, and that we are love. It is so, so cliche that I'm often cynical by the very notion of it -- sometimes, my whole day is not at all about love, love is the last thing in my mind. But love drives me so far in my life, whatever I do is out of love, out of seeking for love, or giving love, or finding love.

I am grateful for that glimpse of reminder once again -- for all the love I receive and give, and all the love that moves through me. Today, I invite you to take a notice throughout your day when you can feel love, or in the state of love -- it does not matter from where, what, or what kind. Take the time to notice that and give thanks. May the love you find today will be multiplied.

Share your love today, what do you give thanks for?


  1. <3 This is a beautiful post, Claire. Thank you for this inspiration to dwell on the love.

    This week, I feel gratitude for my daughters turning 8 and 10. Even as I feel amazed at how time passes, I still remember savoring each milestone and many moments small and large.

    :) Also a tiny bit of gratitude for retin A kicking in again since starting it back up after a bad skincare test. That's always good.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Belly! And what wonderful blessings to celebrate your daughters birthdays!! I don't know about you, but I'm always amazed at 1. how fast they grow!! 2. how wonderfully, cool, insightful, funny, silly, cute, little persons children can be and 3. how privileged we are to spend time with them.

      And yay for retin A -- that's the good stuff. Much love to you and your family!