Thankful Tuesday

It's not even June yet my May has been super busy: travel, vacation, work, graduation, volunteering, new babies. Hellos and good-byes, milestones, heart swelling with pride and sadness at the same time. Such things are the joy of life, to be able to feel and experience it all.

I tend to think of joy or happiness as "something out there" or "in the future," usually starts with the word "when." When we move to a bigger house, when my house is organized, when I (or PapaLorp) get a promotion, when the Tod naps, when, when, when. Daily practice of gratitude counteract this when mentality, because one can only be thankful of what already is, as in the now. I imagine a world without ability to feel or experience would be incredibly flat and bland. Even sadness and good-byes are there to remind us that we can still feel. To feel is to notice the moment now, and for that I am utterly grateful. Grateful to be in this now with its ups and downs and adventures.

I am especially grateful for the sacrifice of men and women who have defended the freedom in this country. Memorial Day weekend was about all that, too.

How have your May been? Share with us your gratitude for the day!


  1. I think that 'when' attitude is the same thing that drives our search for the next best thing - "I need to try that new lipstick, because it must be so much better than what I already have, and I need to find the best one out there". We tend to underappreciate what is already in front of us in that constant quest of improving our lives. Thank you for that reminder to be more in the now!

    1. That is v. true and a good observation. We rarely appreciate what we've already got because of the "when" attitude -- which is perpetuated by ads, magazines, media, etc. Thanks for stopping by, Monika!