Autumn/Fall Favorite Tag

Autumn Favorite

Fall is my favorite season of the year. The Tod and I would often sit together in the park bench, waiting for the chestnut tree to go "POP!" and for the chestnuts to fall down, or he would often chase squirrels to no end. And since the rainy days are here and I can't take good pictures, I dust up my Polyvore and make a good use of it. All links are non-affiliate, so click away!
  1. Favorite Candle
    It's a tie between Diptyque Figuier and Mariage Freres Darjeeling candle. I'm not sure if Mariage Freres still carries candles, but theirs are some of the best-smelling yet underrated. If you got a chance to go to Mariage Freres boutique, you will know what I mean -- Mariage Freres shops smell of heaven! Mariage Freres also sells incenses which smells equally heavenly.
  2. Favorite Lip Color
    Aerin Mini Lipstick in Dahlia (discontinue) -- a sheer, blackened berry that is great as a stain or full-on. Aerin came up with a new line of lipstick that is worth checking out.
  3. Favorite Drink
    Blue Lotus Chai. I love this steeped in almond milk or whole milk if I feel particularly indulgent (almond milk can be quite rich by itself, too). This is not a tea, per-se, rather it comes in the form of powder and you mix in with milk/water. Very potent, yet very comforting and full-on delicious.
  4. Favorite Blush
    Charlotte Tilbury Breakfast at Tiffany's is the buttery, biscuity peach flush that I yearn every Fall (here she is in action with my version of Tom Ford's biscuity makeup). It goes with any lip color (including the clashing color of Aerin Dahlia above) and so very easy to blend.
  5. Favorite Clothing Item
    A thick, wooly, camel-colored infinity scarf (like above from J.Crew).
  6. Favorite Fall Movie
    Back-to-school movies remind me of Fall. I'm particularly fond of Les Quatre Cents Coups by Fran├žois Truffaut. Having a son myself, I find the movie more charming each time I watch Antoine Doinel fends off the daily beatings of ordinary life.
  7. Favorite Fall TV Show
    Downton Abbey. Yeah, looking forward to their last season.
  8. Favorite Thanksgiving Food
    This has to be PapaLorp's legendary sausage stuffing with mushroom. He cooks the entire Thanksgiving all by himself many, many times and while his turkey often hit/miss, his stuffing never disappoints.
    Yet another one of PapaLorp's speciality is green bean casserole. His secret? He follows the recipe printed on the Frenchy's Onion. Oldies but goodies!
  9. Favorite Halloween Costume
    I'm not a big costume-wearer but now that the Tod is here, I make one every other year (so I won't have to sew every year). This year, he is Qiao Hu or Shimajiro (depending on which country you watch it -- it is basically the same tiger). This is the equivalent of Daniel Tiger for preschoolers in China/Taiwan/Japan.
  10. Favorite Perfume
    I always pull out the classic combo of Jo Malone Nutmeg Ginger + Grapefruit cologne. Nothing better than a slight edge of spice, tempered with a little zing-sweetness of grapefruit. 
Thanks for the tag, Monika, and Happy Fall to everyone.


  1. Omg, how freakin' cute is the Tod in his tiger costume?! Look at that tail! Thanks for answering the tag, Claire, it was fun to read about your favorites! <3

    1. Thanks, Monika, thank you for the tag :-)