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Hello back!

I've been tinkering and tinkering with different blogging platform and have decided to stick with this good 'ol blog for a while. As you can see, I cleaned up a bit and a few of old features were removed (accidentally or not-so-accidentally) from much tinkering. Oh well... there has been many things brewing in my cauldron and I thought why wait?! Please give me your feedback on the layout, or particularly on the installation of Disqus (which I am excited to have!).

So, for those who have been following me with my "use up the whole Medicine Cabinet" series, here's my final installment. For my past posts, please click here for the series of Living Below Our Means.

Let's start on the middle rack. I've only kept two toners (Hada Labo and Glossier) and an AHA exfoliant as my core skin care. I pair them with either Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream (on the bottom rack) or Cerave Moisturizing Cream (that I'd normally use for the body) as facial moisturizers.  The regular use of Retin-A keeps my skin in good shape as well. For sunscreen, I use the LRP Anthelios (the gigantic tube down below) with much success. Keep in mind, I have dry skin, and those with normal-oily or even slightly dry probably won't appreciate the thick texture of either Cerave or LRP. 
For hair care, I have now finished with both Bumble and Bumble sprays shown on the picture and continued using the core product I selected in my last post here
As for the rest, there are the nail necessities that I will always have (like Zoya nail polish remover, OPI dry oil, Sally Hansen cuticle remover), some makeup remover (Bioderma, L'Oreal biphasic in green bottle, and on the back, the pink liquid in spray bottle is actually MAC brush cleanser), eye drops, Zicam spray, etc.

On the top rack perched the Sisley mask that I've been savoring slowly to the last drop, and my beloved essential oils from Aura Cacia. You'd also notice the Lena and Sckoon menstrual cups. I'm in the process of writing about reusable menstrual products, so stay tuned for that.

On the bottom rack, there's La Vanilla deodorant (next to PapaLorp's Old Spice), which I use almost exclusively now in Winter and Summer. The key for me to not get stinky without commercial anti-prespirant is to take a shower (duh!). A big bottle of rubbing alcohol will also cut down the stink in a jiff, and is a great multi-tasking product in my household. Finally, the anti-lice spray of Fairy Tales and a big bottle of PapaLorp's beloved Lubriderm round up the group.

One big advantage that I gained from this experiment of no-buy is a new behavior of not buying anything that I don't need. It does not seem like much, and there is no sense of "I've arrived" with big "Pomp and Circumstance." It is just a general sense of all-rightness, like, yeah, this is where I want to be, living part of my life, no matter how small, according to my value.  Finally, no-buy means I have cultivated the habit of creativity and resourcefulness. For example, I am now cleansing my face with coconut oil (decanted into old Clinique Take The Day Off balm's purple container, on the bottom rack) and clay-water mixture as a second cleanse. They are super affordable and my skin feels the same as when I'm using commercial cleansers. I have also switched entirely to using flannel pads (piled next to the Sisley mask) and cloths to remove makeup instead of disposable cotton pads (I still use Q-tips, sadly). 

The journey continues. I hope this series have been useful to anyone out there who are thinking about using things up. It does get better, it will become your second nature, and in my experience, it spreads out to other areas of my life with most surprising result. 

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