Innisfree Capsule Recipe Packs

Two of my most treasured skin care routine are mask and facial massage. What if I can combine the two? Enter Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack

Strawberry Yogurt and Bija & Aloe packs

These little pots, reminiscence of mustard and ketchup packs from Wendy's, are cropping up all over the place from Sephora to Origins. No doubt an imported trend from the East, each mask promised a certain benefit but for me, they are all the same.

Innisfree masks ingredients are derivatives of glycol-rich creams and/or gels, with additions of predictable yet minuscule "active" ingredients and fragrance to up the fun factor. I'd be happy without the extracts nor the fragrances, but hey, these are what makes these packs so adorable. E.g. the Strawberry Yogurt has the predictable strawberry extract along with strawberry fragrance. Many contains alcohol, so if your skin is dry, choose the Strawberry Yogurt, Apple Yogurt, or the glycerine-rich Canola Honey, which is practically a straight-up glycerine honey-like syrup with a scent to match. These recipe packs also come in sleeping pack variety. The two that I tried (Rice and Bija & Aloe) are quite tacky at first and required about 10-15 minutes "setting" time before going to bed. The next morning, I could feel my skin supple and soft from the overnight treatment. The complete ingredient lists are available at Innisfree's website.

Application with foundation brush (or fan brush) is a good idea for both hygiene and pleasure. Once the product is open and exposed, they need to be stored in the refrigerator (although there are plenty of preservatives thrown in for good measure). Besides, applying a cool mask with a brush is really luxurious.

And don't skip the massage. The mask is only part of the package, the massage is what brings the whole experience together. Massaging these masks into the skin is so gratifying, I simply cannot stop. Perfect for those times when I can sit down and watch Lisa Eldridge's facial massage routine or an episode of Downton Abbey.

At around USD$2 per pack, they are a steal (considering each pot lasts up to 4-5 applications), but they are decidedly not cheap if you ship direct from Innisfree's own website. So, be sure to buddy up with someone who are flying to the Far East and you'll be delightfully rewarded.

These packs are received as personal gifts from a friend.

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