DIY Natural Deodorant without Baking Soda

Freshly-concocted deodorant cooling in ex-Aesop jar. The carrot is the Tod's experiment.

I have been using natural deodorant for some time now, and I am a convert! As an added bonus, I can tell that I am less stinky than when I used anti-perspirant! Why? I really don't know, but maybe it is true that our body tends to regulate itself and the normal bacteria in my body got "flushed" out by the natural sweat... Totally my own conjecture, no scientific backing whatsoever.

Baking soda, which is a very common ingredient for natural deodorant, gives me burning 'pits (I'm talking to you Lush!). So, in the past, I've avoided them and to be frank, besides Tom's of Maine and LaVanilla, the choices are quite limited. Plus, my experiment with zero-waste household has pushed me toward making many of skincare products of my own. This recipe is the least greasy, least irritating, and easiest recipe I came up with. There are tweaks and suggestions below so you can make it to your own.

For a 2 oz (ex-Aesop) jar that usually lasts me a few months, you'll need:
  • 30 grams of solid-at-room-temperature butter/oils.
    I use a combination of coconut and shea butter. Coconut tends to be on the greasy side, but nicely absorbed, shea butter feels less greasy on, but lingers a while. You can also use cocoa butter, avocado butter, mango butter, or even stearic acid (which is the least greasy-feeling but has zero glide). Experiment with what you like/dislike or with whatever is available at your grocery store.
  • 5 grams beeswax.
    Beeswax is added for extra stiffness, you can certainly omit this and up your butter another 5 grams. 
  • 15 grams corn starch or arrowroot powder.
  • 15 grams diatomaceous earth, food grade.
    What is this and where the heck can I find it? DE and starch will help absorbed some of the sweat and stink (google DE and you'll find loads of info). DE is readily available at any pet store or grocery's pet section.
  • 10 drops of vitamin E.
    Be sure to get liquid vitamin E, which is readily available at grocery's vitamin/supplement section. You can use capsules of vitamin E supplements if you want. The amount does not matter that much. Vitamin E will prevent the butter/oils from turning rancid.
  • 20 drops of essential oil of choice.
Set aside EO. Dump the rest of the ingredients into a small ceramic/pyrex ramekin (the one used for making creme brulee works well). Mix gently over simmering water until all the butter melts and powder thoroughly combined. Pour into container of choice, mix in the EO, and cool.

Smear a small pinch on each armpits and enjoy your good-smelling self! Let me know if you try this recipe and how it works out for you.

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